“ It was 2AM, and we were soaking in 104 degree water under the starts at Cat Harbor. The bioluminescents were putting on a show. It was magic. At that moment we knew we had to share this unique and powerful experience with others ”
                         –       Paul

  “ Wow, this is amazing ”
                        –      Kerry

  “ This is one of the five most fantastic experiences I’ve had. ”
                         –     Surfer Joe

TugTub™ products are manufactured in the United States and are shipped from our warehouse in Sothern California. To purchase a TugTub, contact one of our representatives..

Each TugTub™ floating spa includes:

- Inflatable spa with proprietery thermal insluation(size depends on the model number)
- 88,000 BTU Flash Water Heater
- Fill/Drain pump for filling and emptying the tub
- Heater hose with for filtering and circulating the tub's water
- 12V electric and hand air pumps
- Accessories: bungee tie down cords, spa filter, lines, cup holders, and a thermometer.
- Carrying bags
- Owners Manual

Available models and Prices are:

FNS - 220 Two Person with flat bottom Sold Out
FNS - 220 S Two Person with seats Sold Out
FNS - 420 Four Person with flat bottom Sold Out
FNS - 420 S Four Person with seats Sold Out


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